Blog Update

March 14, 2007

I’m going to re-order, remove and add a few more sidebar things. I might possibly change the skin and make a custom banner, but then again. Who knows?

We’ll see when the time comes. Expect all changes to be finished by the 20th of March. 🙂



March 14, 2007

This website is awesome. It compiles all the flash games found all over the internet that can be played via Wii Remote. Not only does this allow easy access, but also easy entertainment.

My friend only has Wii Sports and Zelda. He got bored of them and so I told him about Wiicade. That interested him and now he visits it like everyday. I must say the games are quite fun, but the advertisements suck ass. Check it out if you have a free minute or so, you won’t regret it. (Unless you hate flash games)

No More Heroes

March 14, 2007

Anyone looking forward to this?

I know I am. From the same guy that directed Killer 7, Suda 51 is promising to bring more violence then the new Manhunt 2 coming out on the Wii.

Very interesting, and definitely worth a purchase. Free roaming beat ’em up? Yes please.

Excite Truck… Buy?

March 14, 2007

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I have $204 (Australian) and the game costs $78. It wouldn’t hurt me too much, as I think I’m getting another $80 or so in a week… What does this mean? I can afford it. But should I get it?

As you probably know, Excite Truck is a game about driving fast and jumping hard. It looks intense and just generally fun, much that of the Burnout series. I’ve heard some things that the game is short and the controls are shifty, but I’ve heard other comments equaling out the negatives.

So now I’m asking my loyal readers (I know your out there!)… Should I buy it?


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Rayman: Raving Rabbids (Wii) Review

March 2, 2007

Want my opinion on this little bundle of joy?

Of course you do. Click Here! to read my review on the latest Rayman. It’s hosted on the site I write and moderate for, so check out that site too.



Disaster: Day of Crisis

March 2, 2007

Looking forward to this title?

I am. I think this genre should be used more often, as it could be really effective. Imagine a Grand Theft Auto game, where the pedestrians would try to rob you for food and money, just to survive?

Desperation gets the better of people, and that would make for a cool story line. Now the developers may fuck this up, by making it “follow the mission” all the time and no free roaming what so ever. I’m hoping they know what their doing so we don’t end up with another Wii game that wasn’t used to it’s full potential (Red Steel anyone?)


“That’s badass”.

 So I, and many others, are going to risk this purchase. Why? Because we all know you can’t trust reviews. Gamespot giving Zelda an 8.8 is a joke. That said I will probably review this, but you don’t have to believe a word of it. Happy gaming.